The fitness industry is a wild place. Trying to get information that applies to your life can seem like a mental task that would send you into a black hole of conflicting internet articles and websites.

It’s from this need that SB Fitness was born. We’re here to help people realise that getting in shape doesn’t have to be an impossible task… And can actually be fun sometimes!

We want to not only give you the freedom to be able to live a life full of health, strength and confidence, but also the freedom to rid yourself of the doubts of “Am I doing the right thing?”

SB Fitness is for real people, with real lives who don’t have the time to spend 3 hours a day in the gym. Our sessions are small and have a purpose, so you’re not wasting time. You’re in, coached and out to take care of the rest of your day in the knowledge that you’ve taken one step in the right direction.

We’re here so you don’t have to spend your life here!! Simple, effective training and nutrition programs that help you lose weight, tone up and feel amazing!

There’s no lads in tank tops flexing in the mirror. There’s no gym bunnies on the stair machine looking for attention while wasting time on their phones.

This is not a place for them. This is a place for real people to come and get real results.

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