5 Reasons Why You Need Small Group Training!

You’ve tried going to a big commercial gym, but as soon as you got off the mandatory 20 min treadmill warm up, you got felt pretty lost and confused.

Free weights?


That weird sled thing on the grass?

Maybe it’s time you made the move to a Small Group Training gym and took full advantage of having a professional guide you along the way!

#1. Your body composition will improve:

Looking lean and toned and ISN’T about scale weight. It’s about how much muscle you have vs. how much fat you have. There is only four possible “options” when it comes to looking how you want

  • High % fat & High % muscle = big and bulky
  • High % fat & Low % muscle = jiggly blob
  • Low % fat & low % muscle = starved looking bag of bones
  • Low % fat & high % muscle = Toned, fit and lean

Small group training (for the most part) is designed to improve your body composition using weight training, such as kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and your own bodyweight.

#2. It saves you money:

You can look at this one two ways…

    • You can join a “big box” gym for ~€300 for the year and go for the first month or two without seeing any results. Wander around aimlessly, before giving up and quitting. That’s €300 large ones down the drain, no results and maybe even being worse off than when you joined.Or
  1. OR
    • you could join a Small Group Training gym which cost around the same price for 2-3 months (depending on where you go) and see more results in that time than you have in your entire life.

#3. Not getting hurt:

Lifting weights IS hard. There’s no doubt about it. Trying to learn proper technique for things like squats and deadlifts can be tough on your own

Small Group Training allows you to learn under the eyes of someone who can teach you how to lift things up and put them back down safely. There’s no one size fits all technique and learning from the internet can be a doozy.

Having a professional helping you scale things to your ability will get you to your goal a lot quicker and a lot safer.

#4. Less stress, more success:

Life is stressful enough. Bills, insurance, mortage, kids, work, etc, etc Why add another streesor having to worry about designing your own program. There are so many things to think about that are easily overlooked. You have to figure out your own limiting factors like mobility, strength, any pre-existing injuries you may have on top of working out how and what to eat.

Fighting through the conflicting online information alone would be enough to drive you insane! Why not leave it to someone who is has a passion for it and can help you piece everything together?

#5. It’s FUN:

You know what you’re getting with a treadmill at the local commercial gym. 30-45 minutes of steady state (same paced) cardio and most definitely longing for something better and less boring!

Enter weight training…
There are a million ways to do the same thing. You can do more reps, more weight, take shorter breaks, use differents tools such as kettlebells or dumbbells.

It’s amazing seeing the things your body is capable of adapting to when put under stress. A weight you never thought moveable could be yours for multiple sets of multiple reps in a few short weeks.

Just this week I chatted to a member who managed to walk a steep hill to her house, with two kids in a pram for the first time without getting out of breath! All from getting a little stronger through small group training!


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