Guilty Pleasure? Or, Just Plain Guilt?

“I can diet as much as I need to, but as soon as the constraints are lifted, I can’t help but feel guilty about having a ‘treat’ or a ‘cheat meal'”

A common problem with dieting is that while great success can be achieved over 8-12 weeks, once the rules are lifted and it’s time to go back to “regular” eating, panic sets in, stress levels raise and GUILT sets in. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to successfully be able to transition back into eating in a way that you can sustain for life!

1. Have a plan:

Diets aren’t meant to last forever. If you’ve been dieting for your whole life, you’re doing it wrong!

Twelve weeks is the longest time you should set up a diet for. This way you get plenty of time to drop calories enough to see some really good results (when you commit to it) and not feel like there’s no end point in sight.

2. Know when to forget the plan:

There are times in your life you need to recognize as more important than dieting. If you’re missing important life events, losing your mind and feeling miserable because your diet is #1 priority, then you need this tip.

Life experience and making lasting memories are more important. Full stop.

This isn’t an excuse to go out on the lash every week to #makeMemories. But if you’re missing things like sunny summer BBQ family time, once you’re hitting it hard 80% of the time, you’ll be just fine. I swear!!

3. Understand where you’re at:

Diets have phases. Well Constructed diets do anyway… We use three different phases over twelve weeks.

When starting out, it’s a feeling out period. What foods you like, how many times a day you like to eat, how much food is enough to keep you satisfied, not feeling starved and still dropping weight.

Next phase is where the magic happens. You’ve figured out what works for YOU and you’re in the swing of things. You prep your food like a champ, have it all set and ready to go each day and have cleared out distractions, like the bag of meanies in the press that were teasing you for weeks.

The last phase should be the hardest. This should be the only time when you should think of turning down social outtings and/or drinking calorie heavy booze You will be pushing, you’ll start feeling hungry and start craving Kinder Buenos and White Magnums, but the end is in sight. Push hard because you’re nearly there. You got this!

4. Treat YOSELF!

If you’re beginning a diets, there’s a good chance you’re coming from a place of massive self doubt. “I’ve always been this weight, I’ll be here forever.”, “I can’t lose that much!”, “Dieting hasn’t worked before why will it work now?”

It is so important to not let self dount stop you. But just as importnt is sticking it to that self doubt. When you reach a goal or milestone, celebrate it. Buy those jeans, have that burger, go for those drinks!

Celebrate success, don’t get hung up on past failures and self doubt. You’ll only set yourself back in the long run.

5. Learn to move on:

If you deviate and go off plan. If you binge and have an extra large pizza to yourself. If you have six chocolate milkshakes in a row.

Learn to accept it as a bad move. Don’t let it get you bogged down. Don’t let it hinder your ability to get back on the wagon and most importantly don’t dwell on it!

Get back on the horse and keep on rocking. Move on.

Wraping up:

Use these tips to help you feel less guilt when you hit a speed bump, or loosen the reigns at the end of a diet.



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