Letting Go of Fear. How Marion Dropped Over Two Dress Sizes!

Marion joined SB Fitness close to a year ago. She started out feeling self-conscious and thinking she couldn’t stick to a training program for longer than twelve weeks. How things have changed….

What reservations did you have before joining?

“I suppose the fear of the unknown. Having never done any weight training before, I was a complete novice. I wondered would I be able for it, would I be able to keep up with everyone else, would I be the worst at everything and would people think I was a joke and shouldn’t be there. I worried that I’d join up and wouldn’t stick with it, I’d just waste more money on gym memberships like I’d done in the past”

What were your goals when you started?

“My top goal when I started was to lose weight. I wanted to get fitter and healthier too, but mainly I wanted to lose weight, to feel more comfortable in my own skin and to feel better about myself. When I actually signed up to the program my goal was to go to three sessions a week, without fail, and stick with it for the length of the program. I didn’t want to put pressure on myself to lose ‘X’ amount of weight. I just wanted to finish”


What fears have you overcome?

“I’m no longer afraid of lifting weights, that’s for sure. I no longer worry about whether or not I’m better or worse than anyone else or what they think of me, like I did at the start. I’m more confident in everyday life and don’t fear going clothes shopping, having dropped two dress sizes. “

Did you ever imagine coming this far?

“No! I dreamt about it, wished for it, and even tried for it, but never seemed to get there…. or even close. But here I am, and I’m not done yet.”

What are you proudest of?

“Sticking with it. It’s over a year later and I couldn’t NOT train!! I’m proud of how far I’ve come and that I actually did it.. Me! Previous couch potato to gym-goer. In training I’m proudest of my 105kg deadlift and getting a full proper push up! Never thought that would happen” – since this was written Marion has done 10 push ups!!

What would you say to someone on the fence about starting their journey?

“Just start. Sign up now. Today. Don’t think about it anymore. Just walk into the gym and get stuck in. Don’t worry about anyone else, just trust Sean, do what he says and you’ll be alright. Stick with it and you’ll see the difference. Honestly joining SB Fitness was one of the best things I’ve ever done!”

How would you summarize your time so far?

“Joining SB Fitness is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Day one, week one was scary and intimidating but Sean was there to guide me through and I’ve never looked back. I now love training, I never dread going to the gym, I look forward to it. Not only have I become one of ‘those people’, but I’m happy I am. And I’ve met some amazing people, made great friends I never would have met otherwise and have had a few epic hangovers. It’s often said at SB Fitness, it’s not just a gym, it’s so much more!”

Usually I finish with a note on how the member is getting on. I think the picture above speaks for itself.. Same person, one year apart. Still eating cake, still smiling!

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