Stop Joking About Being The Fat Kid

Are you taking responsibility?

Taking responsibility for your food choices is far more important than the latest workout you’re doing or how much sweat is on your t-shirt at the end of your session.

Do you make excuses about why you eat the way you eat?

  • “The kids are eating this so I’ll have it too”
  • “It’s all a bit too confusing”
  • “It’s been stressful day, I NEED a treat”

Or do you take responsibility for the choices you’ve made and except that you are the only person who can make a change?

What is taking responsibility?

Taking responsibility in relation to your nutrition is about looking without emotion at actions that work or don’t work for your goals. It’s about tracking everything you eat, to see where you’re messing up!

Think tracking food is too much work? You can literally talk into your phone nowadays and it does it for you. Go get MyFitnessPal and take a look at how many calories you’re eating on a daily basis

What being responsible looks like…

Taking responsibility is not feeling bad you didn’t eat the right thing or beating yourself up and judging yourself for having that ice cream last night.

Taking real responsibility looks like: Going shopping on a Sunday and getting the right amount of food to make your meals for the three days. Or for the whole week of you’re feeling frisky!

It’s about looking over your food journal (MyFitnessPal) and looking at what you can do differently next week.

Responsibility is about taking emotions and guilt out of the equation and just dealing with your actions.

A funny thing happens when you take the bull out of food. You will finally start seeing results.  Not because that pen hitting the paper is the magic pill, of sorts. But because you can look at things objectively and see what needs to change in order for you to reach that goal.

You can look at which actions work, and which actions don’t!

Bonus tip:

Take responsibility for your words the same way you take responsibility for your actions.

This isn’t anything to do with positive affirmations or any fancy shmancy things like that. In the end it comes back to responsibility. Is all the “fat talk” really just a laugh, or are you loking for ways ways to abdicate responsibility for your goals.

On the flip side, the “fit talk” is a way to match up your actions and your speaking.


If taking you’re feeling like stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for your health and fitness, you can Trial our Small Group Fit28 Program for just €97 in the gym in Walkinstown.

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