Joining The Gym Ruined Sean’s Progress

Sean came to SB Fitness after a lay off from training. His decision to join a commercial gym left him unmotivated and fed up. Check out what Sean had to say about his experience with SB Fitness…

What made you join SB Fitness?

I started with SB Fitness because I wasn’t getting the results I wanted when I trained elsewhere.

What type of training experience did you have prior to joining?

I was training in a Public gym, and I found it hard to stick to my program because anytime I would need to use a certain machine or set of weights, they were taken and I would have to wait around. Or else I would just do something else which took me away from my program. This really demotivated me and I ended up away from the gym for around 2 months.

Did you have any fears about joining?

No fears about joining. I knew about SB Fitness’ reputation has, so I was confident about joining.

How was the training compared to what you were expecting?

I was expecting it to be really really tough, and that’s exactly what it was, in the best way. The training is designed for every type of level so it’s not daunting when you are going into the gym.

How did you feel after you completed 4 Weeks of training compared to how you felt before?

It’s a cliché, but I felt so confident in my own body and also my own ability. I had been in another gym for 2 years previous to SB Fitness and I was in great shape. Then for financial reasons, I decided to go to a public gym. This was a terrible decision. Lack of structure and routine made me hate the thought of going to the gym and I fell out of love with training….. Enter SB Fitness!! After 1 week with SB Fitness, I immediately felt rejuvenated and so motivated. Week after week I notice my body changing slowly but definitely surely. I smile more and I am always looking forward to the next gym session to get pushed even harder and further.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering joining?

My advice would be; never let money be the reason you don’t join. When I was in FLYEfit, I was getting 1 month for €32, and that allowed me to go to any FLYEfit gym and that sounded great! After a while, you lose motivation. It’s inevitable! Because it’s only €32, and because you have no one there to push you, you tend to slack off. Instead of doing 12 reps, you do 8. Instead of doing 5 sets, you only do 3. And before you know it, you have spent 30 mins in the gym instead of the hour you promised yourself you would do. It becomes a race to get out of there as quickly as possible. And the you lie to yourself saying “Sure I did 3 sessions in the gym this week” when in fact you have done the equivalent of half that. That’s why I will never again let money be the reason I don’t go to proper gym. Your program is laid out for you, so all you have to do is show up and follow it. The hour flies in because you actually have fun, and Sean is always on hand to offer advice, whether it be training or nutritional.

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