The One Thing Successful Gym-Goers Have in Common

Sometimes philosophical/deep meaningful quotes are lost on me. I associate them with the instagram #fitFam gang.

But one that got me thinking recently was “To change the future, look to the past”

Spending a lot of time around really successful gym goers has me looking for the similarities at every opportunity. What are the things they all do in order to get really good results?!

Is it their diet? It could be! Their training programs? Definitely plays a part!

But the one and only thing that keeps popping up with everyone of every ability level, age, strength, weakness is consistency. Just showing up. Not crazy intensity or crawling out the door sweating and crying after every session. No immense calorie cuts or starving themselves

Just. Showing. Up.

Consistency is the key to everything, including fitness and health. If you want to learn how to drive a car you need to practice and get efficient. Clutch, accelerator, clutch, gear change.

When it’s habitual, it’s a lot harder to talk yourself out of it.

So how do you build habits? Let’s get into it….

Break things down:

Making big goals can at times be overwhealming. You’re at A and getting to B could seem monumentous. By breaking things down into managable “micro quotas” you can achieve a lot more without getting in over your head. These quotas are the small things you do daily to reach your goal.

These could be things like:

  • Eating a portion of protein with every meal of your day
  • Sleeping 8 hours a night
  • Bringing your gym gear to work, to make it easier to get your training in.

Make some “IF-THEN” rules:

These rules are key to keeping your newly developing habits at the fore of your thoughts.

  • IF I make dinner, THEN I’ll make extra for lunch tomorrow
  • IF I train, THEN pack a clean bag so I can be ready for my next gym session without rush
  • IF I have an early meeting, THEN I’ll get up 5 minutes earlier to be there on time


Eliminate the excessive choices:

There’s a lot of power in the mundane! Obama only wore blue or grey suits, Zuckerberg only wears a grey t-shirt and Steve Jobs always wore that turtleneck. There’s reason behind this. Wasting valuable time and will power on choosing clothes held them back from running a superpower, creating the greatest social network and delivering some of the best technology out there!

The same can be said, on a little bit of a smaller scale, for your choices in relation to your health and fitness.

Trying to go to spinning classes, boxercise, yoga, strength & toning with a side of running on your lunch? Having too many options can be paralysing.
Trying to be gluten free one week, vegan the next, and then low carb for the next 3 weeks isn’t doing you any good becuase oyu’re missing the point with

Instead, try pic an activity that you can perform a few times a week that makes you breath heavy, makes you move objects and stick to it. Give it some time to work and evaluate after a while.

Hopefully you can see that lifestyle change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a little bit of work. But developing habits that match your goal will make that work so much easier!



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